My Name Is Scott

And programming has been my passion for the past 3 years!

My Projects


Modern Internet Cafe

Modern internet cafe is a sleek and simple business page mockup. Complete with hours, Newsletter sign up page, contact page and login page. All this comes with hand crafted responsive design

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The intmaps extension gives a small C scripting language dictionaries. The dictionaries being int based for each user index allowing them to create their own pseudo objects through the c++ extension

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My Portfolio v1

The original portfolio I made during my first year at CWI to show of my technical expertise

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A brain training app written in Xamarin C# to improve your math skills. Provides a variety a multiplication problems along with some game controller logic to give the player more challenging problems.

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Skills And Certificates

MTA: 98-364

Database Fundamentals

MTA: 98-361

Software Development Fundamentals

Web Development

Experience in HTML, CSS3, and javascript.

Database Management

Experience managing and optimizing both MySQL and SQL Server databases.

Computer Programming

Experience with ASP.NET Framework, C++, Small C, C#, and python.

MTA: 98-375

HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals